Exploratory Coaching Call

Choose your adventure below! This is what we’ll focus on in your free Exploratory Call.

I'm interested in Become Your Own Soul Mate

Let me introduce you to my 12-week self-care coaching program! Are you ready to fall in love with your Self & become the support you’ve always longed for? Are you ready to find out that - no matter what happens in life - you will have your own back? Are you ready to uncover your life’s purpose & the self-care rituals to sustain your energy for the ride? The world needs you to not burn out! The world needs you to love your Self so you can love others more fully & authentically. It’s time to Become Your Own Soul Mate. Learn more: https://luminousleanings.com/become-your-own-soul-mate/

30 minutes

I want to learn more about self-care coaching

Wanna book individual sessions with me? Or are you not sure where to begin? No worries! Let’s chat about your unique context, & find out how self-care coaching can best support your inner journey. You’ll get a beautiful call guide just for booking this free call, & together we’ll unpack where in your life you need more nourishing self-love. Learn more about my work: https://luminousleanings.com/coaching/

30 minutes

I'm interested in booking Ellen for a workshop or event

As a speaker and teacher, my talks incorporate meditation, self-massage, essential oils, and acupressure to calm the nervous system and encourage relaxation. I would love to help your team learn how to tap into their intuition, drop into their bodies and unleash their inner power to overcome stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I offer Self-Care, Embodiment and Introduction to Guided Meditation workshops. I can also customize a workshop or presentation to suit your unique needs. Learn more: https://luminousleanings.com/speaking-workshops/

30 minutes